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➡️ Address: No 1, Jalan Bistari 2, Taman Industri Jaya, 81300, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
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➡️ Opening hour: Monday-Friday 8am-5:00pm, Saturday 8am-1pm, Sunday off.
➡️Whatsapp number: +6012-5355537

For New Customer

➡️ Please send us your SSM to 60125355537 to register an account.
➡️ Customer who require delivery service please also check if you are within our Delivery coverage map

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Pricelist for Delivery (Fast Payment)

Note: Prices depend on the required service level and payment term.
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Cash & Carry
▶ Wak-in or self-collect
▶ Payment by cash or QR or Debit card or instant transfer
Fast Payment
▶ Delivery by our lorry
▶ Payment by cash or QR or bank-transfer within 30days
▶ Subject to credit limit, overdue limit and other terms.
Term Payment
▶ Delivery by our lorry
▶ Payment by bank-transfer between 30 to 60 days
  Or more demanding delivery condition/area.
▶ Subject to credit limit, overdue limit and other terms.
▶ Required SSM
▶ Pricelist not available online, please whatsapp us for the pricelist
▶ Most long term customers would have their own customized pricelist
▶ Pricelist will be available after completed transactions
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Items Frequently Bought by You
Most Popular Products
New Products
Sugar & Salt (Gula & Garam 糖盐)
Sugar (Gula 糖)
Salt (Garam 盐)
Other Sugars (Lain Gula 其他糖类)
Cooking Oil (Minyak 油)
Fresh Vegetables (Barangan Segar 葱薯生货)
Noodles/MeeHoon/Soohoon/Pasta (面类)
Instant Noodles (快熟面)
Noodles/Pasta (Mee 面)
Vermicelli/Laksa (Meehoon/Laksa 米粉 )
Soohoon (冬粉)
Rice (Beras 米)
Bottled Drinks (Minuman Botol 饮料水)
Drink Ingredient (Bahan Minuman 饮料原料)
Milo/Others Drink Ingredient
Coffee Powder (Kopi 咖啡)
Tea (Teh 茶)
Flour/Starch (Tepung 粉)
Wheat Flour (Tepung 面粉)
Rice/Grain Flour/Starch (Tepung Beras 谷类粉/淀粉)
Coating/Other Flour (Tepung Lain 其他粉)